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10 years
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Subjects taught
International Curriculums
(IB, IGCSE, French)

The subjects that we teach

In private lessons, duos, or small groups, from elementary school to high school, including foreign languages for both adults and children.


France Education System

The France Education system is intended for students in French schools both in France and internationally, aiming for criteria of academic quality and excellence.
It encompasses primary and secondary education, from kindergarten to high school.


The International Baccalaureate curriculum is an English-medium international education, emphasizing interdisciplinary learning and critical thinking among other aspects.
It consists of primary (PYP), middle school (MYP), and high school (DP) education.

Cambridge IGCSE

The Cambridge label and the IGCSE program offer an English-medium international education, targeting a holistic approach while emphasizing the development of critical thinking and essential interpersonal skills.
It encompasses primary education (Primary) and secondary education, up to high school (Advanced).

Why choose Eurêka?

Finding a teacher to answer your child’s needs

At Eurêka, each teacher is carefully selected based on their areas of expertise to ensure high-quality instruction.

Creating tailor-made educational pathways

We re-engage the student in their academic journey, helping them to develop effective strategies to restore confidence and motivation. Your child is unique, and so is our approach.

Keep an eye on the follow-up

We provide continuous support through regular meetings throughout the year.
We will discuss your child's progress during these sessions.

The school your child will love.

And you too.

How Eurêka works?


We engage with you to understand the needs and challenges related to your child's education.
We will then determine the best pedagogical approach to ensure the success of their objectives.


We carefully select the teacher who best matches your child's needs and sensitivity.
We ensure the implementation of the program according to your availability, either at our center or in your home.


We maintain regular communication with the teacher and yourself to track progress and make necessary adjustments.
We remain attentive to your feedback: your support contributes to your child's progress.

An international and qualified team

Each teacher is selected for their teaching qualities and proven skills in the subjects taught.

A personalized support

Each student is supported with a specific program built in cohesion with the educational team of their school.

A unique place dedicated to learning

The center is located less than 500 meters from the Lycée Français and the U.S Embassy of Phnom Penh.
It is equipped with rooms and the necessary school material that can easily meet the students’ needs.


The success of our students is essential.
The satisfaction of their parents too.

average rating on our social networks

“My 17 year old boy has been taking lessons with a mathematics teacher and a French teacher for 3 years now. John has improved a lot!
He adores his 2 guardians.”

“In my opinion I can say that Eureka is not a school to underestimate. It is the best among the qualified schools”

“Great place, teachers are cool, friendly, helpful and informative. Definitely recommend going if you want to hire a tutor.”


Schedule a personalized skills assessment

The first appointment is free. We will offer a skills assessment for your child to establish a customized course program.

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